Our Public Liability insurance is current to $20,000,000.00 Our Professional Indemnity Insurance is current to $2,000,000.00

Duty of Care

NOTE: All marks are indicative only and must be ‘pot holed’ to confirm actual location and depth.


Please understand that persons excavating are required to exercised extreme care if pipes or cables are indicated within the vicinity of work to be executed.

Once our task has been completed, it is then your responsibility to:

  1. Immediately make sure location marks are clearly visible and easily defined.
  2. Refer to any plans supplied and ensure all relevant services are accounted for.
  3. Confirm locations via ‘pot holing’ or hand digging as described in Telstra’s duty of care statement. (see below)

Our markings may only last a short time depending on the weather and ground conditions. If you require these marks to be more permanent, it is your responsibility to do so.

Where such work is in close proximity to: Telstra, SA Power Networks, S.A. Water or APA Gas, underground plant, machine excavators should not be used. Manual excavation only should be utilised with all utility plant being physically identified e.g. (Pot Holed) prior to any further excavation or other activity which may destroy, damage or otherwise affect such plant and equipment.

Although all due care is taken to locate and define underground services, Sure Search will not accept any responsibility for any damage to any service.

Persons excavating will be responsible to assure all underground services are accounted for and will be responsible for any damage caused.

pdf Telstra
pdf SA Power Network (ETSA)
pdf APA Gas
pdf Amcom Telecommunications
pdf SA Water