Underground Pipe & Cable Detection Services

When do I need to contact an underground services locator?

You should contact Sure Search SA any time you need to break the ground.

Why do I need to contact an underground services locator?

Just a few feet below the ground you are walking on is a complex infrastructure of pipes and cables which give us our power, water, sewage and phone lines. If you were to hit just one of these cables, it could result in serious damage to yourself or people around you and also serious costs for repair as well as possible legal costs. If you don’t bother to get a service location done you are not insured for any damage you do cause. It can also cause serious delays to projects which may be a few days, or a few months, completely blowing budgets and time frames.

What steps do I take before I dig?

  1. Contact Dial Before you Dig at www.1100.com.au to get a copy of service plans of each area you plan to dig. Alternatively we can get them for our own reference for a $40 fee.
  2. Contact us to interpret the plans for you. We will come out to the site and mark where the cables run across the site, and how deep they are.
  3. Be wary of any markings, depths and notes of caution to hand dig around cables which are too close.

What should I do if I damage my underground utilities?

If you do damage something while excavating, it’s important you have the appropriate numbers to call:

Telstra - 132203
ETSA - 131366
SA Water - 1300 883 121
APA (Gas) - 1800 808 526
Amcom Telecommunications – 1800 262 663